The Tyrepliers Motorcycle Bead Breaker is suitable for use on rims up to 6” in width. The tool has been designed knowing weight and size is a big issue. The Motorcycle Bead Breaker weighs only 700 grams, and has been sized to fit in a pannier bag. The unit has been electroplated for rust resistance, and has a High Tensile thread for strength. The Tyrepliers Motorcycle Bead Breaker comes with a 12-month warranty.

The unit has also been designed to work in the simplest way.

To break the bead all pressure in the tyre must be released by removing the valve.

To use this tool correctly please follow these instructions:

  • Adjust the tool to the width of the rim. 
  • Place the bead breaker through the centre of the rim between the spokes and locate on the tyre bead.
  • Break the bead by winding the tool to apply equal pressure to both feet until the bead is broken.  **Ensure that the feet push only on the bead of the tyre.
  • Move the tool around the rim and repeat the action until the bead pops.

To remove and refit the tyre to the rim use the Tyrepliers® Motorcycle Tyre Levers which can be purchased separately or as part of the Tyrepliers® Complete Motorcycle Tyre RepairKit.

BB105: Motorcycle Bead Breaker

  • Brand: Tyrepliers
  • Product Code: BB105
  • Availability: 402
  • $82.50